Organization Executives Testimonials

“Linda Jenkins provided some basic board role and responsibility information to the Board after an Executive Director turnover and large Board turnover. Her training was very helpful and we look forward to having her speak again in the future.”

Joey Mechelle Stenner, Executive Director

TSHA (October 2018)

“Linda took time to understand our needs as an organization and tailored a workshop – Possibilities and Opportunities: Raising More Money at Your Next Fundraising Event – that was insightful and practical. After our board retreat, I was left with the impression that our team was engaged in a way that has given us a greater degree of solidarity and focus for our fundraising events.“

Shannon Chambers, Executive Director

Neighbors Along The Line (March 2015)

“Linda Jenkins, owner of Jenkins Consulting Group, was approached to facilitate Morton’s Board Retreat. The objective of the retreat was to refine the strategic planning processes for the company and allow the board members as well as the executive staff to focus on best practices and outcomes for our patients and the organization.

Linda’s method of facilitating the retreat was impressive. She was highly knowledgeable of advanced facilitation techniques, articulate, professional, informative, practical, and she engaged her audience to full participation throughout the retreat.

I highly recommend Linda Jenkins to all nonprofit organizations because she is a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer. With her certification, Linda is qualified to promote excellence in nonprofit board service. And she is of doing this through her specialization to improve the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations through strategic planning and board development.“

John M. Silva, Former Chief Executive Officer

Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. (March 2014)

“It was the most compelling strategic planning event that I have ever attended. I went in with dread but I came away with a sense of renewed enthusiasm for the future of Morton. Linda kept us engaged and on task the entire day – a major undertaking considering the weather was dark and rainy. I look forward to working our plan.”

Cassie Clayton, RN., Chief Nursing Officer

Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. (March 2014)

“Linda did a great job of assessing our needs and creating a program that provided the team with the tools and resources to become successful at giving and receiving feedback. Everyone had fun and learned a lot during our short time together.”

Greta Zeimetz, Executive Director

NALA (August 2018)

“Jenkins Consulting Group was invaluable to moving Sustainable Tulsa toward greater success.”

Corey Wren Williams, Executive Director

Sustainable Tulsa (April 2013)

“We were very pleased with Linda’s ability to educate and engage our Board in the process of reviewing and developing a new mission statement for our organization.”

Jocelyn McCarver, Executive Director

Youth At Heart (June 2012)

“Linda Jenkins was prescriptive in her approach to designing three unique trainings (Leading Change, Teamwork and Collaboration; and Planning and Organization) for the management staff at Tulsa Health Department. She met with leadership and reviewed past management trainings offered to develop classes that would best meet our needs. The evaluations of each class far exceeded our expectations. New and longstanding managers have willingly adapted new management methods and tools. We believe Linda has encouraged a standard that will improve how our management team serves both internal and external customers.”

Raganald Ivey, Chief Operating Officer

Tulsa Health Department (October 2011)

“Linda did a great job at our annual board/management retreat. She was organized, professional and insightful. She knew how to ask the tough questions that agencies and businesses need to answer.”

Brent Black, CEO

CREOKS Behavioral Health Services

“Linda has helped us create two strategic plans that have been instrumental to the success of our organization over the past four years. She isn’t afraid to challenge us to think in new ways, but she has helped us to get to the heart of what we do as a school and how we do it so that we can continue to get better.”

Eric S Doss, Director

Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences (December 2013)