Board Assessment and Development
"Jenkins Consulting Group Board Assessment Process Outline," 328k PDF
"Extreme Makeover - Nonprofit Board Edition"
  • As a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer, Linda Jenkins is certified to offer governance training among nonprofit organizations using BoardSource-approved curriculum in the following areas: roles and responsibilities of nonprofit boards, board-staff partnership, board structure, board’s role in fundraising, the board-building cycle, and board performance assessment.

    To learn more about these trainings or schedule one, contact BoardSource by e-mail at or call 1-877-89BOARD (1-877-892-6273) or contact Linda Jenkins by phone at 918-808-6935 or by email at

  • Effective tools to complete annual board and chief executive assessment including customized board self-assessment surveys
  • Presentations on the roles and responsibilities of boards including the attributes of high-performing boards, the board’s role as a fiduciary, and common questions from new board members
  • Strategies and tools to promote: successful board member Identification, recruitment, orientation and engagement; productive board-staff relations; and effective succession planning
  • Techniques for planning and conducting high-impact board and committee meetings
  • Methods and tools for dealing effectively with conflict on boards
Classes, Workshops and Retreats
  • Techniques to foster authentic dialogue, participant engagement, meaningful deliberations, discussion of the “elephant in the room”
  • Strategies to empower groups to make productive decisions
  • Fully Customizable Workshop and Retreat Themes:
    • Attribute Checklists: Crafting Dynamic Mission and Vision Statements (presented as a BoardSource webinar in November 2014)
    • Building a Strong Board/CEO Partnership: Select, Support and Evaluate Your CEO
    • Effective Practices for Crafting Purpose, Mission, Vision and Core Values Statements
    • Effective Practices for Grantseekers
    • Effective Strategic Planning Techniques
    • Perfect Fit: Attributes of an Effective Icebreaker (presented as a one-hour workshop for Central Oklahoma Chapter) - Association for Talent Development September 2016 Program Meeting
    • Possibilities and Opportunities: Raising More Money at Your Next Fundraising Event
    • Principles for Effective and Ethical Boards and Board Self-Assessment Surveys (our most popular board retreat theme)
    • Principles for Ethical and Effective Nonprofit Governance
    • Roles and Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards (based on BoardSource’s The Handbook of Nonprofit Governance)
    • Strategic Planning Process Overview
    • Strengthening Your Board’s Performance: Governance Committee Tools
    • Team Building Toolbox (presented as a three-hour workshop for the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits in February 2015)
    • The Collaboration Tool in Your Team Toolbox - Ground Rules (most recently presented as a workshop for the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Statewide Conference in October 2014)
Strategic Planning
"Strategic Planning Process Outline Questions" 31k PDF
  • Step-by-step guidance through the strategic planning process from getting organized to implementation strategies
  • Methods and tools to complete organizational culture assessments, situation analysis and SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis
  • Techniques to promote creation of powerful vision and mission statements, core values and results-focused goals and objectives
  • Strategies for managing transition and change
Organization Assessment and Development
  • Grant proposal review to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Special events audits to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Summative program evaluations to determine program effectiveness
  • Formative program evaluations to determine opportunities for program improvement and development
  • Methods and tools for developing program activities, outputs, outcomes, work processes and policies, and stakeholder satisfaction surveys
  • Strengths assessments targeting mission and image, human resources, financial resources, services, and planning
  • Methods and tools to promote: performance and quality improvement (PQI) programs; effective and efficient knowledge management; and smooth transitions and change

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