From Community Leaders

“Ms. Jenkins did an exceptionally thorough job of evaluating the functioning, structure and practices of the Board of Trustees of Phillips Theological Seminary. Her presentation was very informative and insightful and her materials provided were very helpful. The board was very pleased with the results of this project”

Lynnwood R. Moore, Jr., Chair of the Board of Trustees
Phillips Theological Seminary (July 2016)

“Linda’s exercises and expertise aided our board in accomplishing more in eight hours than we would have been able to do on our own in a week of meetings. Our Vice President, Foundation Director and I had taken Linda’s one-hour BoardSource webinar and agreed she was great. So, when we needed help refining our Mission and Vision statements we decided to seek her assistance. As great as she was in that webinar, she was even better for eight hours in person. We’re grateful to Linda for getting us on track and rest assured when the need arises in the future we will call on her again. We have used facilitators in the past but none of them can compare to Linda in quality and energy nor with such ease keep a board like ours on track to ‘get it done’.”

Dave Remine, President
Mensa Foundation (June 2015)

“Linda Jenkins presented her workshop - Opportunity 2015: Raising More Money at Your Next Banquet - to our alumni association in April 2015. Her knowledge and insight as well as her question and answer sessions provided us with the tools and information to turn our association around. We have raised more money since her presentation than we had in several years combined. We are so fortunate to have met Linda and hired her company to give us sound advice and encouragement. If you want to learn how to raise more money for your organization or cause, Jenkins Consulting Group is the one to help you.”

Vicky J. Beier, President
Perry High School Alumni Association, Inc. (June 2015)

“It is all in the way you phrase the question that produces reliable, actionable results. Linda first understood our mission and objectives for this 38 year-old youth program on our Free Enterprise System. She then helped us formulate a strategy, and set of survey questions to help make it even better, and more student/volunteer driven. The use of an experienced third party organization, Jenkins Consulting Group, added the credibility to solicit candid responses. Linda then summarized the results in a format our team could incorporate in the next year’s Rotary Camp Enterprise.”

Brian Bovaird, Former Chairperson, and Committee member
Rotary Club of Tulsa’s Camp Enterprise (June 2014)

“Linda is a highly engaging and interactive speaker; she effectively taught our organization the importance of establishing ground rules in teams and organizations through memorable and applicable experiences. Whether it is group projects, reaching organizational goals, or striving toward team excellence; Linda is of great help in exemplifying our opportunity for improvement in organizational dynamics.”

Amber Vanderburg, President
Chapter of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) at Oral Roberts University (March 2014)

“I have served on non-profit boards for almost ten years and have attended numerous consultant led board retreats. I can say with confidence that I received more practical and useful information from you in one day than I have received at any other board training program.”

William Mark Bonney, Treasurer, New Hope Camp, Inc.
March, 2011

“Linda was engaged to facilitate development of a strategic plan for the Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences. I am pleased to say we completed the project on time and with no casualties along the way!

“Linda took a keen interest in our organization and invested the time and energy to really understand who we are and what we are about. She listened, observed and did a fantastic job gaining consensus among a diverse group of personalities.

“Linda is intelligent, professional and a pleasure to work with!”

Gina Briggs, Board of Trustees
Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences

“I invited Linda Jenkins to provide a board and stakeholders planning session with the South Peoria Neighborhood Connections organization (that serves the 61st and Peoria area) for June 14, 2008. Our organization was facing a crisis in funding at the time and was seeking direction regarding our serving the community through the South Peoria Neighborhood House. Linda provided focused discussion on our development as a board and effectively led us to examine our strengths, liabilities and our future direction. Our board sees the planning effort with Linda as a true blessing which has energized and rejuvenated our efforts to improve our organization and help our community. I highly recommend her.”

Lanny Endicott, President
South Peoria Neighborhood Connection Foundation, Inc.

“Linda Jenkins is a fountain of information on nonprofit organizations, ethics in business and charitable giving in Northeast Oklahoma. Great speaker!”

Emily Patterson Harris, President
Rotary Club of North Tulsa

“Linda is an insightful, well-prepared and engaging non-profit professional with the ability and motivation to help your organization the minute she gets involved. Linda presented “Twenty Principles for Effective and Ethical Boards” at our annual Tulsa CASA board retreat and we walked away with a number of best practice recommendations to consider for the coming year. We accomplished a great deal in just over one hour.”

Kevin Kennemer, President and Founder, The People Group
President, Tulsa CASA Inc. Board of Directors

“Linda facilitated/guided us through a strategic planning process. While we were a diverse group related to our knowledge, she was able to draw in all the participants and make the process very educational. And, we created a very good and detailed strategic plan. It was the best strategic planning exercise in which I have been involved.”

Scott Shepherd, Regional Vice President, Oklahoma Natural Gas Company
Strategic Planning Committee Chair, LIFE Senior Services

“The Tulsa Lawyers for Children board retreat was the second time I had attended a nonprofit board retreat facilitated by Linda. Both were outstanding, due almost entirely to Linda’s experience, skill and preparation.  Each event was individually tailored by Linda for that organization’s specific needs and stage of development, conducted in a relaxed yet professional manner and highly productive. As a person strongly resistant to spending time on process–related matters, I can say without hesitation that if Linda can convert me, she can work productively with anyone.”

Anne Sublett, Attorney at Law, Conner & Winters, LLP
President, Tulsa Lawyers for Children Board of Directors

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From Organization Executives

“Linda took time to understand our needs as an organization and tailored a workshop - Possibilities and Opportunities: Raising More Money at Your Next Fundraising Event - that was insightful and practical. After our board retreat, I was left with the impression that our team was engaged in a way that has given us a greater degree of solidarity and focus for our fundraising events.“

Shannon Chambers, Executive Director
Neighbors Along The Line (March 2015)

“Linda Jenkins, owner of Jenkins Consulting Group, was approached to facilitate Morton’s Board Retreat. The objective of the retreat was to refine the strategic planning processes for the company and allow the board members as well as the executive staff to focus on best practices and outcomes for our patients and the organization.

Linda’s method of facilitating the retreat was impressive. She was highly knowledgeable of advanced facilitation techniques, articulate, professional, informative, practical, and she engaged her audience to full participation throughout the retreat.

I highly recommend Linda Jenkins to all nonprofit organizations because she is a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer. With her certification, Linda is qualified to promote excellence in nonprofit board service. And she is of doing this through her specialization to improve the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations through strategic planning and board development.“

John M. Silva, Former Chief Executive Officer
Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. (March 2014)

“It was the most compelling strategic planning event that I have ever attended. I went in with dread but I came away with a sense of renewed enthusiasm for the future of Morton. Linda kept us engaged and on task the entire day - a major undertaking considering the weather was dark and rainy. I look forward to working our plan.”

Cassie Clayton, RN., Chief Nursing Officer
Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. (March 2014)

“Linda has helped us create two strategic plans that have been instrumental to the success of our organization over the past four years. She isn't afraid to challenge us to think in new ways, but she has helped us to get to the heart of what we do as a school and how we do it so that we can continue to get better.”

Eric S Doss, Director
Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences (December 2013)

“Jenkins Consulting Group was invaluable to moving Sustainable Tulsa toward greater success.”

Corey Wren Williams, Executive Director
Sustainable Tulsa (April 2013)

“We were very pleased with Linda’s ability to educate and engage our Board in the process of reviewing and developing a new mission statement for our organization.”

Jocelyn McCarver, Executive Director
Youth At Heart (June 2012)

“Linda Jenkins was prescriptive in her approach to designing three unique trainings (Leading Change, Teamwork and Collaboration; and Planning and Organization) for the management staff at Tulsa Health Department. She met with leadership and reviewed past management trainings offered to develop classes that would best meet our needs. The evaluations of each class far exceeded our expectations. New and longstanding managers have willingly adapted new management methods and tools. We believe Linda has encouraged a standard that will improve how our management team serves both internal and external customers.”

Raganald Ivey, Chief Operating Officer
Tulsa Health Department (October 2011)

“Linda did a great job at our annual board/management retreat. She was organized, professional and insightful. She knew how to ask the tough questions that agencies and businesses need to answer.”

Brent Black, CEO
CREOKS Behavioral Health Services

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