From Community Leaders

“The process of mobilizing community volunteers to assess the needs, program outcomes, and fiscal/administrative capacities of agencies to clarify campaign goals during Linda's 10 years with the Tulsa Area United Way is one of the most ingenious, well-structured strategic planning and implementation processes I have seen. Linda's visceral attention to detail, fervor for meaningful deliberations, and the sense of ownership she empowered only enhanced our ability to outline attainable goals and fallback plans. Linda's penchant for success and ability to get results need to be duplicated and I am elated to see she is now consulting. More businesses, both private and public, need the opportunity to take advantage of her expertise.”

Julian Brewer, Director, Nonprofit Practice
The AGOS Group, LLC

“Linda staffed the Strategic Planning Task Force during my Chairmanship for both Tulsa Area United Way Plans 2005 & 2010. It was her blueprint that enabled our volunteer efforts to frame that which was unique to our mission. Her creativity and leadership engaged us in a highly defined planning process. She challenged us to maintain the integrity of our mission inclusiveness of all stakeholders and insure the flexibility to better position ourselves to meet future challenges.”

Frank A. Fisher, Jr., Former Managing Partner
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

“I have known and worked with Linda Jenkins with both the City of Tulsa and Tulsa Area United Way for approximately 15 years. I have always found Linda to be very organized in her efforts to complete any task. She not only completed any task but always used her own standards of completion which were higher than those expected by others.”

Charlie Jackson, Retired Deputy Chief of Police,
Tulsa Police Department

“Linda is a leader. She brings the best out of people and always leaves them feeling better about even the most difficult situations. Her wisdom and insightfulness bring more to the table than I can express. Her verbal skills are exceptional. Linda adds meaning and value with purpose and results. I have observed on occasion when meetings would seem to be engulfed with no answers, personal conflict, and even mistrust and she always managed to bring everyone to a reasonable conclusion. She would never give up. It was, as though she never gave up on you personally or on any one else. She respected our opinion and position on issues. Linda put her personal feelings aside and always managed to be the consistent professional with the heart to do the right thing. She taught me a lot. I respect her and will always be indebted to Linda Jenkins.”

Frank Janowski, Labor and Community Relations
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma

“I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Jenkins since she began her career with the City of Tulsa years ago.  Forming this partnership was a tremendous benefit to enhancing the effectiveness of two local governments, the City of Tulsa and the County of Tulsa.  When Ms. Jenkins began her employment with Tulsa Area United Way, she was, without hesitation, the right person for the job.  The talents and strengths that she brought to the position were immense. She focused like a laser on developing diversity, administrative strength, competence and accountability at every Tulsa Area United Way member agency.  Ms. Jenkins' success with these agencies was measurable and is transferable to your organization.”

Linda J. Johnston, Director of Social Services
Tulsa County

“Serving as the chair of the Tulsa Area United Way Community Investments Committee was a wonderful experience. Its high quality was based on Linda's ability to provide direction, organization and a wonderful environment to allow all of us to excel. After working with Linda for over 7 years, I consider her a mentor and a wonderful asset to any project. Her ability to teach and energize those around her is amazing and one of her greatest traits.”

Angelia Kelley, Internal Audit Manager

“I cannot speak highly enough about Linda Jenkins' integrity and her ability to handle diverse situations. I worked with Linda for over 10 years in her capacity as VP of Community Investments with Tulsa Area United Way, and my role as a member of various CI panels and finally as a member of the Steering Committee as Chair of the Initiatives Division. Linda provided guidance and encouragement in an organized and reasonable manner. Her behind-the-scenes support was invaluable, no only to me but to the agencies that we worked with.”

Sheryl Marcum (Sherry), Reserves Analyst II
Williams, E&P

“As a Tulsa Area United Way volunteer for several years, I worked closely with Linda. She has a unique understanding of non-profit entities and what makes them successful.

“Linda has in-depth knowledge in the area of outcome-based planning and management. In my work with her, I have seen her successfully help a number of organizations shift their focus to results-based thinking by helping them establish measurable targets and milestones, and in this way helped the organization to achieve better results.

“Linda has provided critical guidance to organizations concerning entity governance at the Board level. She also has remarkable understanding of the challenges non-profit entities face in the areas of financial management and budgeting.

“Beyond all this, though, Linda's greatest asset is her passion for what she does. She has a heart for service and a strong desire to help non-profit organizations achieve their goals of helping others.”

John Meinders, Partner
Grant Thornton LLP

“I worked with Linda for eight years as a volunteer in the Community Investments division of the Tulsa Area United Way. Linda's strengths enabled her to manage a large group of volunteers (170 plus) and provide great leadership and direction. Her analytical skills allowed her to quickly drive improvements in the funds allocation process. In my view, the allocation process had become too subjective and lacked structure. Within two years of Linda's time on the job, we had a well organized system that enabled new volunteers to understand the process quickly, and provided clear direction to agencies submitting requests. Her approach and improvements did cause some controversy. The new process for submitting funding requests required a much higher level of accountability on the agencies' part. The improved system helped volunteers raise important issues with agencies' staff and in some cases expose inefficiencies. The goal of these improvements was to provide a road map to each executive director on how to improve the way they run their businesses. Linda's presentation skills and presence make her an excellent public speaker. Her confidence allows her to stand firm on issues she believes are important. Linda's work ethic is exceptional. She approaches her work with a sense of urgency and purpose. In short, she is committed to getting results and always focused on the goal.”

David Page, Market President
JP Morgan Chase

“Linda is thorough in thought and action.  She asks all the right questions to enable exploration and reflection about the complexities of our community based and government agencies.  She is quick to learn and disagree with the majority when she knows she is right. More importantly, Linda is able to bridge theory to practice and uses knowledge and understanding to advocate for people, community and society.”

Melanie Spector, Ed.D, LPC, LADC – Health Education, Research & Program Development Specialist
State of Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Medical Services

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